Hello. We are Arospace, an adding-manufacturing company of e-sport equipment


Our dream is to unlock new steering wheel designs and possibilities thanks to our manufacture technology.

We want to simulate as close as possible the feeling that you can have in a real cockpit.

Our technology allows you to keep the fun of video games with custom neon LEDs and personalization

We have worked hard to bring you the best of the best with incredible features​

Space switch

Remap all the buttons in 1 switch, twice as much fun !

Customizable LEDs

Let your style shines

huge clutch

You cannot miss a start with this big clutch with a specific design to slot your fingers

One arm paddle shifter

Feel even closer the sensation of driving a F1, shifting gears with only one hand

Arospace ALN grips

Unique grips

Feel the best touch and the most durable grips, with or without glove

Arospace quick release zoom2

Quick release

Proprietary QR designed to be compatible with all 70mm bolt patterns


7 ways joystick


carbon fiber plate

multi position

Switch 12 positions

rear buttons

Rear buttons

Extra features with Supernova


another set of fully customizable LEDs for RMP, flags and events

4” touch screen

all functions customizable running with simhub free software

Not your ordinary sh**ty 3D printer


Our design is impossible to be produced with traditional method that is why we have chosen the best 3D technology on the market.

The resulting advantages include the manufacturing of complex, lightweight designs.